Beyes DuraMax Extraoral Dental Suction System

Extraoral Dental Suction System is the most advanced system for aerosol control in dental offices. Our unit has a 265 CFM capacity (more than double of any competing unit), 4 layer filtration system and is much more compact, quieter, as well there will be less heat generated than the current models available in the market. Our unit also has the advantage of having a remote control to adjust power settings to ensure smooth operation.

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This item is currently a pre-order item and we expect lead time to be 20-30 days from when deposit for the units are received.

The unit will be the best one available in the market, as this will have a 4-layer filtration. We have updated the system since the draft that I sent you last week. Our new unit that got approved is much more compact and smaller unit but will be more powerful. Our unit will also have a remote control.

It will be much more efficient than the HEPA 3-layer filtration system design. Also our unit, is much more quiet and does not generate heat (The ADS system after a few minutes on running, has been found to generate heat).

Includes: Beyes DuraMax Extraoral Dental Suction System

Lead Time: 7-8 weeks


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